Two Destination Language

Two Destination Language create intercultural dialogues in theatrical forms.

It is a charity which seeks to support artists and build audiences for contemporary work. Lead artists Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie, based rurally in the Scottish Borders, share interests in a variety of contemporary performance practices, traversing art and theatre. Their projects vary from touring theatre pieces to site-specific experiences and installations, large community projects as well as curating and producing FLINT – a festival of contemporary performance for audiences who don’t normally get to experience that.

Design, live art, movement and drama have their place in both artists’ histories. A belief that live work should have its audience at its core, and that artists should strive to create stimulating experiences for their audiences, is the foundation of their collaborative practice, Two Destination Language.

Community, identity and memory are the ideas which percolate all Two Destination Language work: an interest in boundaries and otherness, belonging and personal history. For the artists, community is a corollary of performative work, and it is a pleasure to share in its exploration. Interculturalism is also important to both artists; Alister’s Scottish heritage and Katherina’s Bulgarian background give them an interest in how cultures interact and develop.

Beyond the UK, their work has toured to the USA, Europe, Israel, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. Since 2016, their work has reached live audiences of over 20,000 people.



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