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Want to explore more of the themes behind the making of the show? Read this selection of features for exclusive interviews and analysis of Them!  at Tramway, Glasgow this summer.


Glasgow remake of sci-fi movie Them! Unleashed | The Herald

“With cameras rolling (…) a metamorphosis takes place that sees things take a leap into the unknown”

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Stewart Laing’s Them! has a cast of just four – if you discount the band, the dancers and the ants | The Scotsman

“It [the show] raises some questions that are really increasingly urgent for our time, about how we identify ourselves”

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National Theatre of Scotland show explores identity at the Tramway | The National

“It’s a sort of classic Graham Norton format interview show”

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Ant finally: Insects take over Glasgow in new National Theatre of Scotland show | The Sunday Post

“For ant specialist Andrew Stephenson it’s all just another day at the office”

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National Theatre of Scotland’s Them!: ‘Theatre that recognises the multiplicity of identities’ | The List

“Them! promises Laing’s distinctive combination of the fantastical and the naturalistic”

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