Tanja Erhart

Tanja, born in Tyrol/Austria, studied in Vienna and graduated her MA as a Cultural and Social Anthropologist in 2012. She specialised in dance, performance and disability studies. Meanwhile she also trained as a contemporary dancer with AXIS Dance Company (USA), Candoco Dance Company (UK), Adam Benjamin, Sonja Browne, Vera Rebl, Michael Turinsky, and other artists in Vienna.

In 2014 Tanja joined Candoco Dance Company (UK) as a professional dancer for three years. She toured, performed and taught inclusive dance practice in countries like the UK, Switzerland, South Korea, Mexico, Africa, and many more.

Currently Tanja is a disabled, independent dance artist and cultural scientist based in London exploring her interests of physical, emotional, mental well-being as well as the interconnectedness of being an artist and a citizen of the world.

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Tanja Erhart


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