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With huge thanks to all the following individuals and organisations for their support:


Angela, Max and Amy Hendry
Ben and Lucy Thomson
Brian Park
Sir Brian and Lady Seonaid Stewart
Chris Weir
Colin Weir
David and Olga Orr
David and Judy Shaw
David and Terri Warnock
Doreen Davidson
Euan and Penny Loudon
Fiona and Martin Gilbert
Fiona Nicolson
Fiona Ross
Fraser McMillan
George and Jacqui Morris
Harry and Elaine Warnock
Hon. Lady Rita Rae
Ian Rankin
Ian Ritchie
Jackie and Alistair Forbes
Jo and Alison Elliot
Joan and Enda Logan
Joan Elliott
Judith Chivers and Kevin Ford
Lesley Knox
Michael and Ailsa Urquhart
Nick and Sally Kuenssberg
Peter and Diane Cabrelli
Richard Findlay
Ros Taylor
Seona Reid DBE
Sheila and David Urquhart
Sir Ronald and Lady Miller
Thomas Kinnie
Tim & Kim Allan
Walter & Norma Nimmo


Alasdair Stephen and Neil Stephen
Alison Lefroy Brooks
Bruce Clark
Elly Rothnie
Ellis Croft
Fred and Irene Shedden
James and Amanda Garden
Jeremy Smeeth
Jim and Betta Adams
John Mason
Jonathan A. M. Muirhead
Juliette Paton
Lynne Anderson
Mairi Mickel
Mark Downie
May and John Moreland
Paul Foley
Paul McKelvie
Peter and Linda Alston
Ross Nicol
Roy and Dot Durie
Ruth Ogston
Sarah and Spiro Phanos
Simon Bowie and Alison Watt
Stagecoach Theatre Arts East Kilbride
Stella Litchfield
Stephen Nathan QC

Production Sponsors

Mackie’s of Scotland
Malin Marine Consultants
ScottishPower Foundation
The Scottish Salmon Company

Corporate Partners

After Digital
Arnold Clark
Dentons LLP
French Duncan
Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
Pinsent Masons LLP
Touchstone Training

Corporate Supporters

Alpress Hydraulic Services Limited
Brodies LLP
Caledonian Group
Hiper Ltd
Ian Gilmour Transport
Kayfoam Limited
Kynesis Coaching
MAC Cosmetics
Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach
Two Fat Ladies Restaurants

Friends and Supporters

Alan Cadger and family
Alan Maxwell
Alex and Natalie Cheatle
Alex Robb
Alice Main
Alice M. Ronsberg
Alison and David Johnston
Alison Ritchie and John Del’Nero
Alistair Dorward
Alister Fair
Allison Haggart
Amanda Stewart
Andrew Gordon
Andrew Leitch
Andrew Lockyer
Angus MacCuish
Ann Caldwell
Ann Colman
Ann Gray
Ann Morgan-Thomas
Anne Begg
Anne Brown
Anne MacDonald
Arnold Clark
Barbara Alexander
Brian Logan
Brian Neill
Bruce and Alison Clark
Bruce and Nicky Wallker
Bruce Luke Findlay
Calum Campbell
Campbell Dallas
Campbell McInroy
Caro Fraser
Carol and John Fender
Carole Leith
Caroline Newall
Cat Tyre
Catherine Alexander
Catherine Gerrard
Catherine Simpson
Charles Bleakley
Christopher Homfray
Christopher Lynch
Claire McKay
Claire MacSween
Claire Smith
Clive Hewat
Christina McDonald
Daniel Cosgrove
David and Alison Strang
David and Caroline Cosgrove
David Chittleburgh
David Reid
David Rutherford
David Ward
Davy and Barbara Alexander
Deloitte LLP
Donald Fraser
Donald J MacDonald
Dorothy Bothwell
Dr Thomas Campbell McGee
Easter V Smart
Edith Doron
Eileen Skinner
Edith Steele
Eilidh Douglas
Emma Merton
Eleanor Ironside
Eleanor Pender
Elizabeth and Catriona Munro
Elizabeth Fender
Euan MacDonald
Evelyn Hays
Felicity Snowsill
Fiona Mackenzie
Frank and Shirley Howell
Fraser Allen
Freddie Dale
Gail Wylie
Gareth Beedie
Gavin Mcnee
Gaynor Simpson
Gemma Swallow
George Graham
Gillian Hamilton
Gillian McCormack
Gillian Reid
Gilmour Family
Glenys and James Andrews
Gordon and Macphail
Graham Leadbitter
Gráinne Smith
Hannah Black
Hayley Valente
Hazel Calder
Heather Moore
Helen Livingston
Helen M Mee
Helen Stewart
Iain Halliday
Iain and Grace MacNiven
Ian Young
Isobel Freeman
Irene Tweedie
Jenny Kumar
Jack Cameron
James Aitken
James and Norma Main
James Lawlor
James Mavor
Jane Griffiths
Janet Ellis
Janice Boshell
Jean and Raymond Young
Jean Christie
Jennifer Johnston
Jerry Cowhig
Jessica Burns
Jim Fletcher
JK Consultancy
Jo Beddoe
Joan and Bob Grant
Johanne & Lauris Calnan
John Bacigalupo
John and Cecilia Curran
John and Frances Kerr
John M. Hill
John and Gill Raeside
John McAulay
John McQuade
John Knight
Josephine Litchfield
Judith Scott
Kate Sloan
Katharine Hardie
Katherine Mccudden
Katherine McGlone
Katy Gallacher
Karen Allan
Karin Hayhow
Karolina Gardocka
Kate Crosby
Katie Dorman
Kate Sturrock
Katie Garden
Kenneth Stewart
Kenneth Symon
Kerr Barrie
Kirstien Hintjens
Kirsten McPake
Kyle Matson
Laura and Jonathan Gordon
Laurie McPhillips
Lawrence Clark
Leonard Forman
Lesley McKay
Libby Taylor
Liddell Thomson
Linda Greig
Linda McPherson
Lisa Davidson
Liz Sutherland
Lois Wolffe and Gordon Campbell
Lord Colin Tyre
Louise Baxter
Lynn Noble
Lynnette Bober
Maciain Service
Madeleine Graham and Ian Kennedy
Mairi Stewart
Maggie Arshad
Maggie Mellon
Maggie Smart
Margaret Morrison
Margaret R. More
Maria A Keane
Marian Grimes
Mark Sutcliffe
Martin Currie
Martin Henry
Mary Bowers
Mary Hepburn
Mary Munro
Mary Scott MacFarlane
Maureen Sturrock
Melina Maclean
Melvyn Greig
Mhari McGlone
Michael Lorsong
Michael Patton
Mike Jack
Mike and Dot Carney
Mike Rymaruk and Jan McLardy
Mirren Stobie
Moira McLennan
Morag Livingstone
Mr and Mrs IL Bancroft
Mr and Mrs M Rothnie
Mrs Katharine Liston
Murray and Diane Buchanan
Naomi Zair
Nick Price
Pamela Walker
Pascale Adriaens
Patricia Smith
Patsy Millar
Paul Keohone
Paula Gibson
Peter Finnigan
Peter McNally
Phil Baarda
Phil and Eunice Crook
Rachel Baker & Bj Stewart
Rachel Sandison
Rana Keane
Rebecca Heaney
Rene Hamilton
Rev Isobel J Brain
Rhona Flin
Richard Hoover
Richard Oliver
Rishaad Moudden
Robert Duncan
Robert Kidd and Heather McKinlay
Roberta Doyle
Robin Hume
Robyn Donoghue
Roger and Myra Turnbull
Roger Tynan
Ron, Marion and Alistair Hay
Rosemary Ward
Rosie Cosgrove
Ross and Elaine Martin
Ross Anderson
Ross Egan
Rowan Macaskill
Russell Lowe
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Brogan
Sarah Harley
Sarah Skelton
Scott and Barbara Brown
Sheila Duncan
Shelagh and Brian Sayer
Simon Sharkey
Siobhán Convery
Sophie Edwards
Stephen and Anna Spackman
Steve and Chris Grist
Stewart Graham
Stuart Clubb
Sue Hillman
Sue and Phil Leckie
The Muriel Spark Society
Thomas and Mary Harrison
Thomas Hanna and Jamie Pearson
Thomas McEntegart
Tom Flynn
Tom Gibson
Tracey A. Halliday
Ulrike Maxrath
W. Hamish Fraser
Vanessa Prosser
Prof. William Sweeney & Mrs. Susannah Conway



Header image: Barbara Rafferty in Yer Granny. Image by Manuel Harlan

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