Like Flying

Like Flying

18/06/2019 – 29/06/2019
Craigmount High School, Edinburgh, and Auchinleck Academy, East Ayrshire.


Like Flying was a site-specific arts project led by National Theatre of Scotland in partnership with the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and supported by Aberdeen Standard Investments, in association with Edinburgh City Council and East Ayrshire Coucil.

Targeting pupils aged 14-16 in two schools (Craigmount, Edinburgh and Auchinleck, East Ayrshire), the programme engaged with young people around the increasingly critical issue of mental health.

Like Flying offered the opportunity to learn aerial theatre arts and to work with some of Scotland’s leading theatre makers.

The programme was designed to:

• Promote positive mental and physical health
• Build resilience
• Facilitate and encourage teamwork among young people
• Lift attitudes and reduce negative assumptions held by older people in schools, families and communities
• Improve attainment and attendance in school


“Like Flying captures the significance of art-based activities for young people’s mental health in a fascinatingly free and invigorating production.”

★★★★★  – The Skinny

Young people were invited to examine their lives and their place in a world which is often focussed on binary and polarised points of view. Their stories were shared with audiences through a series of creative interventions as part of an immersive, promenade theatre piece, taking participants on a journey through the school building, experiencing a musical and spoken-word soundscape on Bluetooth headphones.

‘It gives you the chance to believe in yourself.’

‘I find I am speaking out more in class and I definitely think it’s because of this. If I can do all these new things now, I’ve got a chance of getting it right.’

‘I feel as if I’m actually doing something now. And it means something.’

‘I FEEL ALIVE! I left one session shouting that at the top of my voice to my friend. But it’s true! I’ve never felt like this before.’

‘I’m having family problems at home. This gives me a focus. It made the time go quicker during a bad patch.’

‘At the beginning I was really put off. I didn’t like the idea of it and didn’t think I could do it. But then you try it and it surprises you. I want to do more.’

‘It’s like we have a secret – we know how to do this amazing thing that other people don’t’

Created by Nic Green. Presented by The National Theatre of Scotland in partnership the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), in association with East Ayrshire Council and Edinburgh City Council.

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Creative Lead: Nic Green
Designer: Rachel O’Neill
Video Designer: Graeme Roger
Video Co-Designer: Mike Webster
Sound Designer: Yas Clarke
Movement Direction: All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre – Marie Williamson, Chrissie Ardill, Rose Rodman-Orr and Jennifer Paterson


Production Manager: Chris Holmes
Stage Supervisor:Joe Glasgow
Sound Supervisor: Neil Dewar
Costume Supervisor: Katy Lonsdale
Lighting Technician: Hannah Allan
Lighting Supervisor: Ben Ryan
Front of House Manager: Sonia Tinagli
Rigger: Johann Hattingh
Rigger: Richard Carter
Rigger: Jamie Tindall
Video Placement: Laura Morton
Set Design Placement: Heather Carson


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Like Flying

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Aberdeen Standard Investments

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