This festive season give someone the chance to try theatre for the first time

National Theatre of Scotland believes everyone should have the opportunity to take part in theatre.

Irrespective of how much money they have, where they live, their cultural background, whether they have caring responsibilities or whether they think theatre’s ‘not for them’.

A visit to the theatre can give access to joy, escape, respite and reflection.

Theatre offers a place to gather socially, safely, to share a unique live event with others.

It can be a transformative experience, opening eyes to a whole new world of creativity, imagination and understanding of the world.

For isolated individuals and communities across Scotland, the events of the last 18 months have cut off access to theatre, live events and shared social activities. Mental health and wellbeing is under serious pressure.

So as the nights start to draw in, we’re asking businesses across Scotland to help us shine a little light in the dark by supporting First Nights.

First Nights is our year-round programme offering people from underserved communities the opportunity to take part in theatre for the first time – or the first time in a long time – in a safe, hosted environment, at venues across the country.

Over the next 6 months, we’ll be welcoming participants to First Nights in Greenock, Dundee, Inverness, Edinburgh, Perth and Glasgow, inviting them to forthcoming performances of The Enemy, Orphans, and Enough of Him.

In 2022, we’ll be running First Nights for every venue we visit.

Your First Nights donation helps us to provide participants with:

  • A ticket and programme for an NTS production at their local venue
  • A group host to welcome them to the theatre and guide their experience
  • A venue and backstage tour
  • An opportunity to meet cast and creative team members
  • A moment to gather socially as a group for a drink, snack or chat
  • Transport costs if necessary
  • Care provision for those with caring responsibilities
  • An invitation to return to the venue for the next NTS production
  • Ongoing opportunities to engage with their local venue

In return for your donation, you’ll receive:

  • Bespoke designed Festive Greetings e-card and social media badges to share with your networks, to let them know you’re supporting First Nights
  • Social media badges to do the same
  • Thanks on the National Theatre of Scotland website
  • Invitation to a special First Nights reception at National Theatre of Scotland’s Rockvilla HQ
  • Access to the NTS Salon, a regular behind-the-scenes donors’ event featuring cast and company from forthcoming productions

Make your donation now by debit/credit card

Every bit of support helps to bring theatre to life for our First Nights participants

  • £250 Golden Baubles (supports 10 First Nights participants)
  • £500 Warm Hearts (20 participants)
  • £1000 Shining Lights (40 participants)

Please do make your donation using the buttons below.


If you’d prefer to be invoiced and pay by BACS, please contact Anne-Marie Platt at

Companies are entitled to tax relief for qualifying charitable donations made to charities. The donations are paid gross without the deduction of income tax. The donations are deductable from the company's total profits in the year in which the donations are made.

Any payments in support of Festive First Nights are charitable donations and as such not liable to VAT.