Wall of Death: A Way of Life

In a once in a lifetime event, visual artist Stephen Skrynka is on a quest to learn to ride the Wall of Death with the world-famous Ken Fox Troupe.

Combining an intriguing installation by Skrynka inspired by his experience, a rare insight into the life of a show family and, of course, the unique thrill of the motorcycle Wall of Death ride.

This multimedia performance will offer you, the audience, a uniquely intimate opportunity to experience a vanishing way of life as the Fox family members reveal what it is like when you dare to take your life into your own hands.

This is theatre as you have never seen it before. The smell of the Castrol R, the noise, and the death-defying performance, alongside the premiere of a major new installation by Stephen Skrynka which focuses on the emotional response the Wall of Death elicits from its audience and the family’s involvement with the artist.

Running Time:

Not available.