Unknown Cloud

Unknown Cloud is a nomadic global phenomenon, formed by the people who experience it…


An immersive app experience/ social experiment for audiences outdoors.

Programmed to exist globally until 2057, the Cloud travels across national borders, large cities, remote villages, islands, mountains and across the sea. Immersed in the cloud audiences will explore participation, trust and compassion – the cornerstones of an engaged and humane society.

Unknown Cloud’s mission is to use our everyday devices as a tool to re-connect with our own and other bodies, instead of allowing technology to disconnect us from the same. How can we mitigate the risks of trust, and make it easier to trust outgroup strangers?

Each evening at 8.45pm audience members will meet at Dundee Rep to wait for the cloud. Audiences are asked to download the free app: Unknown Cloud Caretaker, which uses a newly developed and innovative tool called Nagoon, consisting of a complex 3-dimensional soundscape, connected to existing environments on location, and follows the movements of the planets in real time.

PLEASE NOTE: You must download the Unknown Cloud Caretaker app in advance in order to participate.

This event is free but ticket, please ensure to book your place using the links at the bottom of the page.

This is an outdoor experience, please dress appropriately for the weather.

Unknown Cloud is developed in collaboration with: Liquid Media Application, iOS and Android developed by Nagoon.


Join the conversation: #CitizenofNowhere

Running Time:

35 minutes


Unknown Cloud is a free immersive app experience coming to Dundee rep as part of the Citizen of Nowhere Festival in November 2018. In this help sheet you’ll find everything you need to know to enjoy it.

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