Transform Dumfries: Do a dance no-one can see you do and put it in a little bag

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Central Garage, Dumfries

18/03/2009 - 20/03/2009

Transform Dumfries: Do a dance no-one can see you do and put it in a little bag

Dumfries Academy, September: A class of 3rd and 4th year girls gather in the gym, shuffling grumpily in baggy jumpers and leggings. They’ve ducked out of sport and taken the cushier dance option. Or so they think. But they’ve reckoned without dance specialist Kate Pringle. “Give it some strength!” she roars, and before the hour is out, they’re giving it fearsome laldy: running, lunging and rolling on the floor, laughing. Transform Dumfries is underway.

Over in English, 20 kids are sitting on the floor writing poems, with writer Linda Radley guiding them round a remembered place. “Imagine all the technicolour details. Get them down. I’ll count to 12.” Again, no mercy. At the end of the session, vivid words jostle on the whiteboard: ‘Sulphur barley. Paste clouds. Defunct beauty’. Zak is shushing the others, excited by what he’s just done. Maybe he’s a writer?

Similar scenes are happening all over the school. In Music, kids are creating tunes based on the school bell. In Drama, they’re exploring space and identity. A scary-looking timetable pulls it all together.

Transform Dumfries beings together a divese mix of creative energies from the town to stage a unique piece of site-specific theatre.

Sponsored by ScottishPower.
Supported by Determined to Succeed.