The Wolves in the Walls

Another chance to see the acclaimed, funny and scary family show.

Lucy hears creeping, creaking, crumpling noises coming from behind the wallpaper and is convinced that there are wolves in the walls of her house. Her jam-making mother, tuba-playing father and video game obsessed brother think the noises are really mice, or rats or bats. But they are wrong and she is right as they will all soon find out. . .

Taken from the book by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean (“Sandman” series, “Mirror Mask”) and brought to life by a team of innovative and celebrated theatre-makers led by the National Theatre of Scotland’s Artistic Director Vicky Featherstone, Julian Crouch (Improbable, “Shockheaded Peter”), Nick Powell (Suspect Culture) and an unruly pack of actors, musicians and crazy puppets.

WINNER Best Show for Children and Young People: TMA Awards 2006.

Running Time:

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