The Miracle Man

Holding on to your virginity, getting a ring for your pains and something to believe in, that’s what Dawn, Rob and Fawziya want. Ozzy, their loser PE teacher needs to believe in something too. It will all be fine when the Miracle Man gets here. Won’t it?

It’s a play written in Arial rather than Times New Roman if you know what we mean. The characters are bright, fizzy and fast and on a journey heading for a great big unabashed, get-it-right-up-ye finale.

‘I was thinking of going out into the playground, walking up to Fiona Grant, shoving my ring right into her wee pig-cow face and saying “Get this up ye ya hacket wee dog! The Miracle Man’s coming and now everyone hates you cos you’re a slag and we’re not.” Spread that about ya minging bitch!’

Douglas Maxwell (Decky Does a Bronco, Mancub) is the writer who refuses to grow up. This is what he says:

My plays are for my friends. They’re intelligent people, clued up and skilled, they just don’t go to the theatre. Films, music, novels, sport yes of course, but theatre’s not for them. But I keep them in mind when I write because should they go to a play, I’d hope to Christ they’d go to see one of mine.

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