The Making of Us

Combining elements of visual art installation and promenade theatre, The Making of Us centres on a unique approach to the role of film in a live event and its future representation.

You are invited to witness the making of a film, through a live promenade piece of theatre, where the audience effectively become the extras.

Feel free to move around the space and the various film sets constructed within it, which will then remain in situ throughout the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.

Footage recorded during the opening performances will be made into a work in its own right, to be presented at a later date.

Audience members are requested to arrive at Tramway 30 minutes prior to the performance start time, in order to give consent for their image to be used in all future replications of the film.

Commissioned by Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art
Co-presented by the National Theatre of Scotland

This project has been supported by a Creative Scotland Vital Sparks award.

Running Time:

Not available.