The Agency


Where young people turn their passion into a reality.

The Agency is about communities, young people and organisations working together to use creativity to generate solutions.

This youth enterprise project encourages young people from North Glasgow to set their creative minds to work, explore the needs of the local area, go out onto the streets to gain support for their plans and invite the local community to engage and feedback.

They will be asked to pitch their idea and three proposals will be chosen to receive money and professional support from the National Theatre of Scotland to create projects that will innovate and inspire positive change.

They will receive professional training, support, funding and advice to help them create their projects that benefit the local community. Projects could be anything – from boxing workshops to music festivals, hair care products to clothing lines – the only limit is their imagination.

The Agency will run from September 2020.

Building on the legacy of 2018’s Futureproof Festival, this is the first Scottish iteration of the project. The Agency will be joining other versions of the project that have run in London, Manchester, Belfast and Cardiff.

The Agency was originally conceived by Margus Faustini in Rio de Janeiro, and the UK pilot was funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.



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