Tall Tales for Small People

As a travelling family make their way up to Blairgowrie for the berry picking, they stop for the night and bewitch us with centuries old stories from the world of travellers’ tales.

Based on the work of the late Duncan Williamson, the master story-teller and Scottish traveller, Tall Tales for Small People is a beautiful show for all ages.

Supported by Bank of Scotland, Pioneering Partner of the National Theatre of Scotland

Tall Tales will enchant a new generation with these traditional yarns which have flourished within the Scottish travelling community and which have been passed lovingly from father to son, from mother to daughter.

This collection of wonderful stories has been woven into a hugely entertaining tapestry of laughter and adventure. Giggles by the bucket load, a touch of the macabre, magical transformations and fantastic live music bring to life stories such as The Hunchback and the Swan and The Girl and the Boots.

A co-production with Communicado Theatre Company

Recommended for ages 8+

Running Time:

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