Sisterhood - VR Theatre


Though three different trailblazing VR experiences, this programme pays homage to female solidarity; demonstrating the life-affirming power of sisterhood:

Is Anna OK?

BBC & Aardman
Dir: Camila Ruz

Embark on an emotional journey to piece together both sides of a true story, stepping into the shoes of twin sisters Anna and Lauren to discover how their lives were changed in an instant after an accident. Explore themes of memory, recovery and sisterhood in this groundbreaking collaboration between Aardman and the BBC.

Co-dir: Tom Burton, Ben Curtis & Dan Efergan
Exec Producer: Jeremy Skeet

Make Noise

BBC & Anagram

Make Noise is a VR experience about the journey of the Suffragettes, created by the BBC’s VR Hub with creative collective Anagram. It lets viewers use the power of their voice to visualise smashing through the barriers faced by the suffragettes during the fight to win the vote for women. Experience the piece and be inspired to follow Emmeline Pankhurst’s advice and ‘make more noise’

We Sing in Fire and Blood

Hazel Grian, All Seeing Eye, Duncan Speakman and Sarah Anderson
Dir: Hazel Grian

A virtual reality opera celebrating how a community comes to terms with extreme violence. One night several years ago, alone at her home in Bristol, Writer/Director Hazel Grian was brutally attacked by an intruder and left for dead as her house burned. Here, in this deeply significant and emotionally-stirring VR experience, she shares the city-wide reaction to her attack. This work in progress is the first chapter of a series of VR pieces.

Running Time:

60 minutes