A Sheep Called Skye

Skye the sheep is used to being different. She never knew her mother and was brought up in a B&B, not a farm. She longs to discover the place where someone like her, a sheep who doesn’t feel . . . well . . . sheepish, really belongs.

As part of this quest, she decides to turn herself into a tourist attraction selling scarves and tea-towels in windy car parks – and business isn’t baaad at all.

Featuring live music and puppets animated and created by acclaimed puppeteer Ailie Cohen, this funny and original story has been adapted by the National Theatre of Scotland into a wonderful piece of family theatre.

A Sheep Called Skye will appeal to anyone who has an ear for the bleat of a special sheep, an eye for the beauty of the Scottish countryside and a place in their hearts for a sheep called Skye.

Running Time:

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