Presented in partnership with The Arches as part of the Auteurs Project

Nic Green’s Shadowlands focuses on the phenomenon of ‘waste’ as both marvel and prodigy.

The matter of ‘rubbish’ is hidden away from our day to day. It exists in continuous flux, its definition and composition unstable and disrupted. How do these ignored landscapes relate to the landscapes of our cultural and personal psyche, the landscapes of our bodies and physicalities? Is there spirit in such matter?
How might we read the physical rubbish we hide away systemically as a metaphor for the self?

Nic Green has witnessed one hundred tons of rubbish being poured into a pit, and noticed the homework of a seven-year-old girl amongst the rubble. She has seen hillsides of cars piled up, and a single deer amongst them. She wondered about a chorus of children standing in a world of waste. And she read that the shadow ignored multiplies, and the one accepted, eventually dissipates and lightens.

This new site-specific work, part of the Auteurs Project, explores our relationship with waste and what we throw away.

So we wade in.

Part of Behaviour festival.

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