Roman Bridge

A deadly epidemic is choking Europe leaving only the fit and lucky alive. Society has broken down and superstition and religious intolerance are rife.

Somewhere in rural Lanarkshire, Craw leads Catherine to an ancient stone bridge and the promise of a new life with the son she abandoned at the same spot many years before.

Both women have nothing to lose. Forced to flee her home with her young baby, Catherine reluctantly follows Craw, whose haunting past drives a desperate quest for forgiveness, bringing them ever closer to danger.

When danger finds them Craw flees, leaving Catherine to survive alone, no matter what the cost.

Set in another Scotland, Roman Bridge is a play about survival, sacrifice, murder and love and asks if we can ever truly leave the past behind to make a new life.

Presented as a rehearsed reading.

Martin Travers is a new playwright and Roman Bridge marks the first public presentation of his work. The National Theatre of Scotland discovered Martin and this play through a writers’ project in 2008 and gave Martin a Writer’s Attachment in 2009 to complete a new draft.

It is this new draft that is presented at the Traverse during Reveal as part of the play’s ongoing journey towards a fully-staged production.

Running Time:

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