Remember Us

Remember Us is our first ever music single, available for streaming and download from Friday 12 April from iTunes,  Spotify  and other online music outlets.

The song originated as part of the Futureproof project in 2018, which marked Scotland’s Year of Young People. As part of the project young people from Dundee worked with Australian company Back to Back Theatre to create RADIAL, a touching, musical portrait of their city in motion.

Click here to download the track from iTunes.

Click here to stream the track on Spotify.


Composed by Harry Myers Covill and Kayleigh Shields, and performed by Kayleigh Shields.

Produced by National Theatre of Scotland and Back to Back Theatre.

Music video performers: Brogan Murray, Calum Moore, Chelsea Wolecki, Findlay Duff, Kayleigh Shields, Summer Campbell, Tony Anderson.


Supported by:

Walter Craig Charitable Trust, RJ Larg Family Trust, Alexander Moncur Trust and The Tay Charitable Trust.



The National Theatre of Scotland reserves the right to alter casts, performances, seating or ticket arrangements.