The World is a Wedding, the Presentation of Unst in Everyday Life.


Mammalian Diving Reflex (Canada) and the young people of Shetland invite you to a marriage made in heaven – the wedding of the island of Unst. With music from the Alan Nicholson band get ready to ring the bells, hang the bunting and best of all, dance!

Inspired by the work of Canadian sociologist Erving Goffman who came to Unst in 1948 pretending to study the local economy, but instead observed the life and rituals of the people there.

70 years later, a cast of Shetland’s young people have applied his insights to bring you The World is a Wedding, the Presentation of Unst in Everyday Lifean immersive show about connection, coming together, and how we live with one another.

Supported by Shetland Arts.


The World is a Wedding, the Presentation of Unst in Every Day Life is part of National Theatre of Scotland’s Futureproof festival marking Scotland’s Year of Young People in 2018. A major radical new festival of international performing arts, created by young people working alongside renowned Scottish, British and international theatre practitioners.

Ten companies and artists specialising in daring new work will embed themselves in ten communities around the country, working with local groups of young people to co-create, design, develop and stage a piece of performance. Ten productions will then take place in cities and locations across Scotland as part of the Futureproof festival in September and October 2018.

This co-production is made possible in part thanks to grants from Canadian Council for the Arts.

Running Time:

90 minutes

Accessible performances available:

  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • Touch Tour




In addition to the provisions outlined above, there will also be a Visual Guide for The World Is A Wedding and a breakout space in Mareel.

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About Mammalian Diving Reflex

Based in Germany and Canada, Mammalian Diving Reflex views innovative artistic interventions as a way to trigger generosity and equity across the universe.  It is their mission to bring people together in new and unusual ways, to create work that is engaging, challenging, and gets people talking, thinking and feeling.

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