Pink Mist

Presented in partnership with The Arches as part of the Auteurs Project

It’s all about weight. It’s all about wait.

Stemming from research into the subject of landmines and conversations with landmine survivors and deminers on a recent journey through Cambodia (one of the world’s most heavily mined countries); Pink Mist takes its time. Gradual creeping time. The kind of time it would take to slowly demine a strip of land one metre wide and ten metres long, crouched down, piercing the ground with a pointed metal probe at an angle of thirty degrees to a minimum depth of fifteen centimetres, when you can only move forward in maximum increments of three centimetres at a time.

In collaboration with sound artist Zoe Irvine and under the mentorship of Richard Layzell and Mish Weaver, this new work-in-progress from Claire Cunningham creates an environment that pulls our gaze to the ground and looks at the voids these objects leave– in time, in bodies, in the land and in our own certainty.

Part of Behaviour festival.

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