One Giant Leap

How do we know that the Earth is round? How do we know that the Earth moves round the Sun? How do we know that our Sun is only one of over a hundred billion stars in our galaxy and that the Milky Way is only one of over a hundred billion galaxies in the Universe?

How do we know all this is true? Where is the evidence?

The truth is out there, it always was, we just couldn’t see it. Then one day, one man took one giant leap and the rest, as they say, is history.

A co-production between the National Theatre of Scotland and Wee Stories, One Giant Leap tells the epic tale of Mankind’s struggle to get its head round the Universe and the conflict between science and superstition. Blasting off from the Big Bang, travel alongside our ancestors through time and space as they try to solve the mysteries of the Universe, before landing on the Moon and taking that one small step towards one giant leap.

Told in Wee Stories’ unique brand of inventive story-telling theatre, One Giant Leap will be an illuminating, funny and rewarding theatrical event for everyone from ages 10 to adult.

Running Time:

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