One Day to Play - The Fierce Urgency of Now

One Day to Play is a paid opportunity for six artists to experiment and collaborate across art-forms and to generate a brand new idea that responds to issues around climate change.

Six artists will be selected from across different art forms and will be matched into pairs, invited to share their practices and approaches to making work. The pairs will be assigned a climate change expert or activist who will provide them with a provocation and work with them throughout the day.

Facilitated and guided by director and theatre maker Jenna Watt, over the course of one day the artists, experts and activists will work towards presenting ten minutes of a brand new idea as part of the National Theatre of Scotland, Aberdeen Performing Arts and Peacock Visual Arts’ event The Fierce Urgency of Now at the WORM on Saturday 1 December.

This event is Part of Season for Change, a UK wide programme of cultural responses celebrating the environment and inspiring urgent action on climate change. One Day to Play has been designed to seed cross-fertilisation of different art forms and sectors, as well as to bring artists and activists together to spark new ideas around climate change.

How it works:

On Friday 30th November, the six artists will be brought together for an intro session led by Jenna Watt. They’ll be matched up, introduced and Jenna will lead a discussion around different approaches and techniques in working across art-forms, referencing her own experience of working in this way.

On Saturday 1st December, the pairs will be introduced to a climate change activist or expert and given a provocation or question to get them started. Using the provocation they’ll spend the day together planning a brand new idea for a piece of performance or theatre – with access to rehearsal spaces and some materials as required. That evening they’ll present their idea as part of The Fierce Urgency of Now.

Selected artists will be paid a fee of £153.98 for their involvement, calculated at National Theatre of Scotland’s development rate. Other expenses may be covered or reimbursed as agreed.

Artists based in Aberdeen will be prioritised for this opportunity.

How to get involved:

There is a short application process to apply for One Day to Play. Applications close on Monday 12 November and artists will be informed of the outcome of their application by the end of the day on Friday 16 November. One Day to Play is open to all artists and there is no experience level requirement.  Criteria for selection will be based on:

– How excited the panel are by the artists’ articulation of their practice

– Who is most likely to benefit from the opportunity