Nous/Us is a bi-lingual play written by artists from Scotland and Quebec – two nations entwined with more powerful neighbours in very different ways. Two places with big hearts and even bigger ambitions.

Isabelle’s family descend upon their ancestral home to discuss what to do with their mother, the house and the land. But they can’t stop arguing about the past and have very different visions of the future. It’s a dispute that’s been a long time in the making and has no simple solution.

A sharing of stories, true and imagined, music and art, Nous/Us brings together a collaborative team from across the nations to explore the histories, politics and disagreements that have driven the past to our doors and ask questions about our futures and the control of our destinies.

Director Patrice Dubois
Written by Davey Anderson, Philippe Ducros and Linda McLean

Presented by National Theatre of Scotland, Théâtre PàP and Hôtel-Motel.

With support from the QC-UK Connections Programme (British Council Canada and Government of Québec).

Nous/Us has been developed by the National Theatre of Scotland in partnership with with Théâtre PÀP and Hôtel-Motel since 2014.

At the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2018. Dates and venue to be announced soon.

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