Nothing to See Here

Here’s what you do. You take your time slot, you turn up – and then get ready for the ride of your life.

Your high-octane, action-packed journey rockets you through the Linksfield Community Centre as its doors burst open one final time.

Nothing to See Here is a theatrical rollercoaster ride and theatre like you’ve never experienced it before. You will be part of a maze of adventures packed with pulse – racing interactive situations, strange characters and risky challenges.

Be prepared, keep your wits about you and expect the unexpected. Survival in this extreme environment depends on you.

That’s all we’re telling you for now. The rest will be up to you.

Nothing to See Here offers two experiences to choose from:

Extreme Route: The complete interactive experience. Not for the faint-hearted.

Ambient Room: Head straight to the Ambient Room for a more relaxed atmosphere. The Extreme Route also ends here.

The Ambient Room is a fully accessible sensory experience packed with live music, film and interactive art. With an Extreme ceilidh and a licensed bar each night, the Ambient Room provides the perfect mix – a space to chill out and enjoy the entertainment or a place to put all your senses to the Extreme test.

Nothing to See Here is created by the National Theatre of Scotland in co-production with Aberdeen City Council’s Arts Education Team and involves a cast of over 250 performers from Aberdeen schools and colleges and from the community.

Nothing to See Here is the finale of Extreme – a major Aberdeen arts project combining sports, theatre, dance, music and art in a series of city-wide events and workshops.

Running Time:

Not available.