Nasty, Brutish and Short + The Dogstone

A double bill of two shorts plays that look into the darker side of Scottish families.

In Kenny Lindsay’s The Dogstone, a father and son aren’t seeing eye to eye in Oban. Teenager Lorn is trying to get his life started as his Dad is throwing his away with last night’s empties. He’s a “heroic drinker” who loves to tell Lorn the local legends and stories of warriors, kings and the fabled Dogstone. Just how far can his fantasies take him?

Andy Duffy’s Nasty, Brutish and Short finds two brothers, Jim and Luke, holed up in a Glasgow flat. No job, no money and it looks like the only things on offer are all bad. As the options start to run out, Jim takes what isn’t his and sets the two brothers on a collision course . . .

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