Mr Write

It’s a play that’s not written yet and doesn’t have a name.

Mr Write aka Rob Drummond (playwright, performer, optimist) will choose the cast, the story and the title on the night. It’s not written because it will be one of your stories and Rob hasn’t met you yet. Can he persuade one of you to take part? A night with Mr Write . . .

Here’s a note from Rob:

I want you to feel like I do when I’m writing. Excited. Alive. Frustrated. Scared. Anything can happen and that’s not always a good thing. But when it works, it can illuminate life itself and lend insight into the small matter of everything.

I want to connect with you for real. I don’t want to move you with my words, I want you to move me with yours. There is nothing you can say that I will not understand. We are all the same.

Part of the tfd takeover.

Running Time:

Not available.