Little Johnny's Big Gay Wedding

Mr Johnny McKnight requests the pleasure of your company at his Big Gay Wedding at Langside Hall, Glasgow from 2nd – 12th June 2010.

Little Johnny is back – older, none the wiser but just as giddy when it comes to the subject of love.

For the last five years Johnny’s been on an exhaustive search looking for “The One”. Along the way, there’s been Mr Gas Mask, Mr Chilli Con Carne and Mr My-Boyfriends-Just-Caught-You-Hiding-In-The-Wardrobe. Now it’s time for you all to meet his Mr Right and watch as they head off into the sunset.

“I’ve been at too many weddings – wet myself with laughter at the tacky, cried at the meaningful, nodded cluelessly at the religious. One thing was always the same, the little voice in the back of my head shrieking “It’s never going to be me!”

Until now.

Little Johnny’s Big Gay Wedding is the theatre show with a difference. You are the guests at his wedding reception – but be careful, the entire family are going to be there with you! Meet his Mafioso Grandmother, Brothel-Madame Aunty and reluctant (overly fake-tanned) best man. It’s the family wedding that puts the fun into dysfunctional.

Following critically-acclaimed four and five star reviews for Little Johnny’s Big Gay Musical the irrepressible Johnny McKnight returns with the final instalment of the Little Johnny trilogy, presented by Random Accomplice in co-production with the National Theatre of Scotland.

Wedding Present: A sense of humour will do.
Dress code: Fabulous.


Running Time:

Not available.