Presented by the National Theatre of Scotland and the Arches in association with Govanhill Baths Community Trust.

Arches Artist In Residence Adrian Howells explores our complex and ambiguous relationship with water in this immersive theatrical experience.

In the intimate setting of the training pool at Govanhill Baths, Howells and actor/ dancer Ira Mandela Siobhan perform this new scripted piece, part devised from conversations with members of the local community.

Exploring the emotional and psychological effects of water, from its therapeutic qualities to our overwhelming fear of it, lifeguard re-evaluates the place of swimming in our lives as a health-promoting and life-saving activity.

Working collaboratively with Mike Brookes, Minty Donald, Rob Drummond, Jane Mason, Nick Millar and Nichola Scrutton, lifeguard offers a multi-sensory experience incorporating projection, sound and movement.

An exhibition entitled Water Water Everywhere will also be on display in the baths for the duration of lifeguard . This installation has been created by primary schools on the south side of Glasgow working with the Learn department of the National Theatre of Scotland.

While audience members are encouraged to wear their swimsuits in this warm, accepting environment, it is not compulsory. Similarly, while audience members may be invited to sit around or go in the pool, this is an invitation only. Full details available on the booking information page.

The production has a suggested age of 12+

Presented as part of Luminate, Scotland’s creative ageing festival.

Running Time:

Not available.