In association with Shetland Arts with support from Creative Scotland

Over the past six months, the National Theatre of Scotland has invited all of Shetland’s inhabitants to explore our bittersweet relationship with the automobile – how it shapes us, defines us, supports us, frees us, challenges our attitudes towards our dwindling resources and, sometimes, kills us.

You have told us your stories and now we are ready to take you on the Ignition journey.

Set in three locations across Shetland, the site-specific Ignition performances will carry you away on a shared car adventure. The stories will transport you to one indoor and two outdoor locations. At these locations you will see, hear and be a part of the stories that have been collected in the course of the Ignition project.

Stories of Shetlanders who have given the White Wife a lift, knitted panels for the Car Yarns car, helped create the music written about the road from Sumburgh to Skaw, taken part in a Sunday Tea conversation, told us their secrets in the Car Confessional, or just taken time out to tell us their car stories.

After ten thrilling days of immersive car-theatre between 20th and 29th March, Ignition culminates in a short, but unforgettable, one-off finale for all the Ignition audiences on 30th March in a stunning outdoor location in Brae.

The stories will be experienced through exhilarating drive-in theatre, the movement discipline of parkour, music, hitchhikers, dance and text, and will take you on a journey that you will never forget.

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