How The Earth Must See Itself

How The Earth Must See Itself is a new short film project conceived and developed by Edinburgh-based artist and choreographer Simone Kenyon and filmmaker Lucy Cash. It is created in response to Kenyon’s performance project Into The Mountain and takes inspiration from celebrated Scottish poet and writer Nan Shepherd and her book The Living Mountain.

The short film, distributed through National Theatre of Scotland digital channels and produced with support from Scottish Sculpture Workshop, will artfully mix the evocative and powerful geography of the Cairngorms with the live performance and extracts of Shepherd’s prose. How The Earth Must See Itself will be a visceral, sensuous evocation of light and texture, and a moving response to Nan Shepherd’s writing.

Written during the Second World War, and first published over thirty years later, Shepherd’s The Living Mountain reframed mountaineering to include mindful practices of walking and being, shifting the frame away from mountains as an object to conquer.

Into The Mountain is a project created by Simone Kenyon over the course of eighteen months, developed in collaboration with women living and working within the communities in the Cairngorms. The project will culminate in a place responsive performance presented within the Cairngorms mountain range in Spring 2019. It is developed with and performed by a cast of five dancers, a newly created singing group working with artist and composer Hanna Tuulikki and supported by women mountain leaders.

Created by Lucy Cash and Simone Kenyon. Based on the book – The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd