Girl X

Eleven year old Girl X has severe cerebral palsy and the mental age of a 5-month old infant. Her condition will not, cannot, change or improve.

Her mother believes that, for Girl X, the physical changes that accompany adolescence can only bring distress. So, to spare her the onset of menstruation, Mrs X has requested that surgeons remove her daughter’s womb.

The doctors have accepted the argument that this controversial surgery will, ultimately, improve her quality of life and have sought legal approval to carry out the procedure.

In Girl X the case is examined from the point of view of the onlookers, a Greek chorus that asks what could or should happen next?

Performer and disabled rights activist Robert Softley challenges this chorus, examining the case and related ethical issues. When do private matters become public concern? Is the majority always right? Do wheelchair users know better? Where will it all end?

Inspired by debates on internet forums, Girl X is a powerful and provocative new piece of theatre from Pol Heyvaert, the creator of the National Theatre of Scotland’s extraordinary Aalst co-produced with Belgian theatre company Victoria. (“Courageous, and achieving the highest standards of performance and production” Sunday Herald)

Like Aalst, Girl X is certain to elicit strong views and provoke passionate discussion and is recommended for those aged 16+

There are a full range of accessible performances during the Reveal season and in addition, every performance of Girl X will be surtitled.

To let you respond, comment and discuss the ideas in Girl X, the creative team will be taking part in two talks following the performances at the Traverse Theatre on Wednesday 9th March and at the Citizens Theatre on Thursday 17th March.

You can also visit our news & features site to read and respond to Robert Softley’s production blog.

For more information or to make enquiries about accessible performances, you can contact the National Theatre of Scotland directly on 0141 221 0970 or email

Presented as part of the Reveal season in partnership with the Traverse Theatre, Citizens Theatre, Oran Mor, and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

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Girl X | In Rehearsal


Creative team

Production team

Girl X Choir

Margaret Burns, Catherine Chan, Kris Haddow, Susan Hansen, Judith Hastie, Sophie Hazell, Eddy Hull, Alexa Ispas, Katrina Lamont, Craig McEwan, Christopher McKiddie, Jackie McIntosh, Gavin Millar, David Rudden and Jamie Stokes

With thanks to David Graham and the Citizens Theatre Community Company