The future’s coming towards us at a hundred miles an hour. Do you ever feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights? The oil’s running out, the climate is changing, China’s on the rise. But in the future we’ll have cars that run on water, smart fridges that know what food you like, Google implanted in your head so you never need to actually know anything ever again. Meanwhile we’re left wondering how to act now. Is there something we should be doing? Is it OK to be doing nothing?

Thankfully, the powers that be have called a conference to discuss all this and make the big decisions for us.

Futurology is the story of that conference. Delegates, economists, politicians, protestors and mystics turn up from all over the world. PowerPoint presentations are made. Weighty decisions hang in the balance. Meanwhile the Mayor of the town hosting the conference is determined that everyone is going to sample the best of local entertainment!

Everybody seems to know what they’re doing except the delegate from the Sandwich Islands. Her home is sinking and she just wants to know what to do for the best. Follow Patrice, as she struggles to negotiate high politics, conference sex and the finer points of name badge etiquette before – eventually – learning how to play the game. But will it be enough to save her homeland?

Futurology explores the big questions with a darkly comic show packed full of song, dance, ventriloquism and Suspect Culture’s trademark theatrical style.

The show is the first production to feature contributions from all Suspect Culture’s associate artists including; Dan Rebellato, Renato Gabrielli, Mauricio Paroni De Castro, Andres Lima and Sergio Romano.

A co-production with Suspect Culture and the Brighton Festival.

Running Time:

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