Five Minute Theatre | 2011

From Friday 25th February 2011, the National Theatre of Scotland sent out an open invitation to members of the public to submit their ideas to create their own five minute pieces of theatre.

Successful applicants then developed their work for inclusion in a 24hour online broadcast of live theatre from 5pm on Tuesday 21st June 2011.

Absolutely anyone could take part by writing, devising, directing, performing and producing a piece of theatre, five minutes long. There were no set skills and no qualifications required other than dramatic flair, a good idea and a little bit of bravery…


Vicky Featherstone, Artistic Director, National Theatre of Scotland explains:
“You can interpret this in any way you like, any style you like. It can be a thriller, a drama, a romance, a monologue, anything. It can be on a stage, in a living room, a park, village hall, community centre, library, office, class room, football pitch – the choice is yours.

“You are in charge. You decide what your five minutes are; you decide where to perform it, how to cast it and who the audience will be. It’s your story; however you want to tell it.”

Running Time:

24 hours

Five Minute Theatre | 2011

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