Engine Room Masterclass : Perform with Oozing Gloop - In partnership with //BUZZCUT//

per- WORD ORIGIN. a prefix meaning “through,” “thoroughly,” “utterly,” “very”: pervert; pervade; perfect.


1. Bring together parts or combine to create (something)

synonyms: set up, devise, establish, found, launch, float, create, bring into being, put in place, organize, institute, start, begin, get going, initiate, bring about, inaugurate, lay the foundations of

2. Make or be made into a specific shape or form.
synonyms: make, fashion, shape, model, mould, forge, found, cast, sculpt, hew, carve

This is your opportunity to do all these things (perhaps more! But probably less) with award winning artist Oozing Gloop!

We will explore the performance of performance; which in and of itself is very obviously a performance- because all the worlds a stage and life is a cabaret! Thus expect to take a trip through another world, a forced transformation and a forced perspective to help you gain insight into your performance practice.

We will traverse many systems of meaning, real, symbolic and imaginary to arrive at an aesthetics of action which you can use to constitute cabaret spectaculars, asses your relationship to doing the dishes or use to constitute a castle in the sky; all of which will give you something to talk about.

Oozing Gloop will take you through some of their processes behind their cabaret practise as well as some of the ideas and philosophies behind The Gloop Show.

Oozing Gloop is THE Apocalyptic Green Post-Drag Autistic Queen!  In 2018 they developed and presented The Gloop show around the UK and in May won the Marlborough Theatre development award at the Brighton Fringe festival. Episodes have shown at Colchester Arts centre, Steakhouse Live, Bethnal Green working men’s club and developed at Norwich Arts centre, Performance Space, LADA and supported by the Arts Council England. Oozing has also been part of the New Queers on the block tour in Blackpool and Apocalypse Wow in Hull with The Live Art Bistro.

He/she/they/thee also screened Gloop! The movie in June 2018 as part of the LADA screening programme.

Oozing Gloop also achieved a 400-mile transvestite pilgrimage “THE AWESOME JOURNEY“ from their place of birth (Yorkshire) to the end of the UK. Unresolved issues from the seminal piece “THE AWFUL JOURNEY” inspired this; A one hundred mile journey from Norwich to London, in drag.

DATE: Tuesday 23 April

TIME: 10.30am – 1.30pm

LOCATION: Rockvilla, National Theatre of Scotland, 125 Craighall Road, Glasgow G4 9TL

DEADLINE TO BOOK: Friday 19 April

If this event is full and you would like to be added to the waiting list, please get in touch at email@nationaltheatrescotland.com with your contact details. 


This event is part of Engine Room: Diverging.



Our Engine Room programme has our Theatre Without Walls ethos at its heart. We bring artists together to develop skills, networks and create new work at the greatest reach of their imaginations and ambitions.

From April to June Engine Room will focus on multiplicity, cross-pollination and divergence through the lenses of identity, thought and art-form, as part of Engine Room: Diverging.


Running Time:

180 minutes

Accessible performances available:

  • Wheelchair Accessible