Engine Room: Hack the Patriarchy

Engine Room in partnership with Stellar Quines

How can we identify, combat and challenge patriarchal structures? How can we hack them? What power can we find collectively to tackle oppression? What would a matriarchal or queer structure look like?

Hack the Patriarchy will explore the inherent patriarchal structures that exist within the theatre and performance industries, how they are perpetuated, and how to challenge them. This session is for anyone who identifies as a woman, non-binary, trans, femme, or anyone who feels most comfortable in women only spaces.

Hack the Patriarchy will be facilitated by director Caitlin Skinner, and will take place over two sessions:

Hack One: Open Space

A generous, safe and encouraging forum, lead by the group, presenting ideas, hot points and strategies. Let’s get a lay of the land as we see it.

Hack Two: Action

How can we use the power we already have in the room to create change? Who else can we involve? What are the possibilities for a Hack Three, and beyond?


DATES: Wednesday 10 July and Wednesday 25 September

TIME: 11am to 2pm

LOCATION: Rockvilla, National Theatre of Scotland, 125 Craighall Road, Glasgow G4 9TL


This event is part of Engine Room: Grounding.



Our Engine Room programme has our Theatre Without Walls ethos at its heart. We bring artists together to develop skills, networks and create new work at the greatest reach of their imaginations and ambitions.

From July to September, Engine Room will focus on resilience, acknowledging our roots, and the things that keep us grounded and centred, as part of Engine Room: Grounding

Running Time:

180 minutes

Accessible performances available:

  • Wheelchair Accessible