Engine Room: Grounding | JUL - SEP 2019

From July to September, Engine Room will focus on resilience, acknowledging our roots, and the things that keep us grounded and centred.

Activities will include:

  • A get-together for Ayshire-based artists facilitated by Robbie Gordon (Creative Learning Coordinator at the Ayr Gaiety), including an event delivered by COMMON which focuses on bringing together working class artists in this region to share the barriers to development they face when building a career in theatre, as well as suggesting ideas for potential solutions. In partnership with COMMON and the Ayr Gaiety.
  • An Assembly event led by Emma-Jayne Park, titled ‘Preparing to Fail’ looking at artists’ mental health, self-care and expectations around artistic success or failure.
  • Free wellbeing sessions at Rockvilla including pilates, meditation and a breath and body workshop.
  • Engine Room Lounge event in partnership with Fringe Central, offering artists space to meet, relax and pause during the Edinburgh Festivals.
  • A tour of the Borders offering surgeries and masterclasses to local artists from across all art-forms.

Engine Room: GROUNDING is part three of our four Engine Room Seasons for 2019.

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Engine Room is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.