Engine Room: Diverging | Apr - Jun 2019


From April to June Engine Room will focus on multiplicity, cross-pollination and divergence through the lenses of identity, thought and art-form

Activity will include: an Assembly event celebrating work made by autistic artists and exploring their experiences and processes, a workshop in partnership with //BUZZCUT// and led by artist Oozing Gloop exploring the methodology around The Gloop Show, a masterclass exploring cross artform opportunities led by the acclaimed band Lau, an opportunity for designers and theatre-makers to explore VR in Dundee as part of Rep Stripped; and we’ll be relocating to Orkney in partnership with the Orkney Folk Festival with a range of activity focused on provoking collaboration between musicians, writers and performance makers and popping up in Inverness with some opportunities for writers.

Engine Room: DIVERGING is part one of our four Engine Room Seasons for 2019.

Find more information about the other seasons here

Engine Room is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.





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