Engine Room 2019 Seasons

Engine Room: FORGING is now live.

The first Engine Room quarter will focus on change-making and future-forging, looking at artists role as citizens – how we can engage with the forces currently shaping and set to shape our world – and we’ll focus on artists’ role as leaders both within and out with the industry.

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Engine Room: DIVERGING

From April to June – a focus on multiplicity, cross-pollination and divergence through the lenses of identity, thought and art-form. Activity will include:

  • an Assembly event led by artist Steven Fraser looking at how the industry might best support neurodiverse artists, in partnership with the National Autistic Society and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
  • A Masterclass with artist Oozing Gloop ahead of their Buzzcut Double Thrills performance.
  • A dedicated week of curated activity in Orkney coinciding with the Orkney Folk Festival.

Engine Room: DIVERGING will go live on Monday 18 February.


Engine Room: GROUNDING

From July to September – the focus will be will be resilience, acknowledging, our roots and the things that keep us grounded and centred.

Activities will include:

  • A get-together for Ayshire-based artists facilitated by Robbie Gordon (Creative Learning Coordinator at the Ayr Gaiety), including an event delivered by COMMON which focuses on bringing together working-class artists in this region to share the barriers to development they face when building a career in theatre, as well as suggesting ideas for potential solutions. In partnership with COMMON and the Ayr Gaiety.
  • An Assembly event led by Emma-Jayne Park, titled ‘Preparing to Fail’ looking at artists’ mental health, self-care and expectations around artistic success or failure.
  • Free wellbeing sessions at Rockvilla including pilates, meditation and a breath and body workshop.
  • Engine Room Lounge event in partnership with Fringe Central, offering artists space to meet, relax and pause during the Edinburgh Festivals.
  • A tour of the Borders offering surgeries and masterclasses to local artists from across all art-forms.

Engine Room: GROUNDING will go live on Monday 13 May



From October to December – a focus on sustenance – how artist can flourish, and have career growth and longevity.

Activity will include:

  • An Assembly session led by Nick Bone (Magnetic North) in partnership with Luminate, looking at how artists can sustain and develop their career in an industry obsessed with newness, with a specific focus on the effect on older artists when ‘newness’ and ‘youth’ are conflated
  • A One Day to Play that match-makes experienced and emerging artists across different generations in partnership with Luminate, facilitated by Nick Bone (Magnetic North)
  • //BUZZCUT// will share learning on their 2019 club residencies, conceived as an alternative financial model for artists looking to kickstart new work.
  • A ‘Christmas Dinner’ get together for artists at Rockvilla.

Engine Room: SUSTAINING will go live Monday 12 August.