Dragon (2015)

Tommy can’t sleep. He hasn’t been able to since his mum died a year ago. Since then, life has gone from bad to worse. His dad is a grief-stricken mess, his big sister ignores him, and he’s become a target for the school bully.

Then, one restless night, Tommy goes to his bedroom window, throws back the curtain and…

…a dragon is looking at him. Straight in the eye.

Intoxicating and exciting, frightening but protective, the dragon burns with all the anger and hurt that Tommy feels and makes anything seem possible. With a Dragon as his new best friend, he’s never alone and suddenly life is fun again. But as time goes on and his dragon grows more and more powerful, things start to get out of hand.

Dragon is an extraordinarily visual story told without words, featuring fast-moving physical theatre, puppetry and original music.

Running Time:

70 minutes (no interval)


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Creative team

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