Doors Open day - Song Workshop with Gareth Williams

The 306: Dusk is the final part in the National Theatre of Scotland’s World War One Trilogy, co-produced with Perth Theatre and part of the 1418 NOW programme of new work marking UK’s WWI centenary commemorations. Co-created by award-winning duo, composer Gareth Williams and Oliver Emmanuel playwright, The 306: Dusk premieres later this year at Perth Theatre. The  production brings the trilogy into the modern day, exploring the depth of feeling around the First World War a century on from its conclusion, and how the spectre of trauma continues to haunt soldiers in the modern day. Be one of the first to hear a new song from the production and be part of a special Glasgow Doors Open Day workshop and choir to bring the song to life for the first time. No experience necessary.

Running Time:

90 minutes

Accessible performances available:

  • Wheelchair Accessible