Donald Robertson is Not a Stand Up Comedian

Presented in partnership with The Arches as part of the Auteurs Project

Gary is a theatre maker.
He loves to laugh.
He would love to make you laugh. He is not a comedian.

As a solo performer, people often compare Gary’s work to stand up comedy. He never knows quite how to take that. So, when given the chance to experiment with form on the Auteurs Project, he decided to find out more about comedy. He delved into the world of stand up.

He watched 103 stand ups in clubs and countless more on recorded media. He travelled to London, New York and Dundee. He met with legends, wannabes and academics. He read 21 biographies, watched 12 documentaries. He’s done it all – apart from getting up there and trying it himself. Until tonight.

During his exploration of comedy, he met a boy called Donald. Gary would like to tell you Donald’s story.

Part of Behaviour festival.

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