Dear Europe - Nuremberg

Two guest performances in English of the National Theatre of Scotland’s Dear Europe (2019) at the State Theatre Nuremberg – Glasgow’s twin city in Germany.

On March 29, 2019, some of Scotland’s most adventurous artists and theatre makers were challenged to explore their relationship with Europe in an evening of performances. The result: six productions questioning the Scottish relationship with Europe, and its expected exit from the European Union, exploring issues of (Union) citizenship, borders, control and self-determination, economics and migration.

Two of the original six performances will be presented at the Staatstheater Nurnberg – State Theatre Nuremberg, Glasgow’s twin city in Germany, this June.



Death Becomes Us, created by LEONIE RAE GASSON with Susan Bear (music & sound), Sabrina Henry (design), and Beldina Odenyo (music). Performed by Beldina Odenyo Onassis (Heir of the Cursed) and a community chorus of European migrants.

“Take Back Control” was the battle cry of the Brexit movement. Rae Gasson and her musical comrades, including a choir composed exclusively of European migrant women living in Nuremberg, blend intimate audio performance with exuberant live music to tickle the senses whilst looking at our obsession with taking back control.

Cadaver Police In Quest Of Aquatraz Exit, created by ALAN McKENDRICK with Jules Buchholtz (dramaturg). Performed by Claire See, Carrie Skinner, Natali McCleary and Ross Mann, plus special musical guests Smack Wizards (Chris Wallace, Claire O’Brien, Jack Mellin).

“The problem with your country is that you do not produce anything that other countries want to buy. Apart from your Rock’n’Roll, of course, that’s great, but how far does that really get you?”

Alan McKendrick takes on this challenge, laid down by German artist Jules Buchholtz and creates a sci-fi jailbreak musical. The narrative follows the fortunes of the band Cadaver Police as they become the first international export out of a blockaded country after decades of total embargo. Marieluise Fleißer, Hito Steyerl, 2000AD magazine and contemporary octopus consciousness all provide suitable inspiration. Featuring live music from Glasgow avant-psych instrumentalists, Smack Wizards.

Curated by Jackie Wylie and Stewart Laing, in partnership with Staatstheater Nurnberg.

A National Theatre of Scotland production in association with SWG3 and Staatstheater Nurnberg.


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