Citizen of Nowhere

“If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere.” Theresa May

National Theatre of Scotland and GalinskyWorks present Citizen of Nowhere, a festival exploring how theatre can work with new technologies and interactive installations to respond to an increasingly fragmented world.

With new realities like Brexit, Trump, and the resurgence of populism and political strongmen, cultural values like unity, diversity, and empathy are under sustained attack. This erosion has gone hand in hand with a disruptive technological revolution which has caused seismic shifts throughout the world, the implications of which we are experiencing in real time today: from fake news and the wild west of the internet, to the threat of AI on the future of jobs. Citizen of Nowhere will provoke theatre-makers, creative technologists, researchers, writers and thinkers to use new technologies to fight back, bridge divides, reach new audiences and tell stories in new ways.

Artist and curator William Galinsky leads an enquiry into the future of how and why theatre is made and for whom. Can theatre use and influence technology to bring more of us together and strengthen civil society?

Taking place in Scotland’s tech-hub Dundee, the National Theatre of Scotland invites enquiring minds to come on a journey into the future of theatre, technology and society for five days of installations, performance, discussion and debate.

William Galinsky is an artist and curator, who was previously the Artistic Director at Norfolk and Norwich Festival, the flagship performing arts festival for the east of England.

Download the schedule for the festival here

Co-curated by William Galinsky and Jackie Wylie
Presented as part of NEoN Festival
Supported by Creative Scotland.

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