Calum's Road (2013)

Calum’s Road has become the stuff of modern folklore. It is the remarkable true story of one man’s single-minded determination to challenge the powers-that-be.

Calum MacLeod, having battled the inaction of authorities on Raasay for years, sets off alone with a pick, a shovel and a wheelbarrow to build a road that will connect up the island. His daughter has been forced to board at secondary school on Skye and now Calum’s not having it any more. He wants to turn the tide of neglect and indifference and keep his family – and community – together.

His unpaid labour of love was to dominate the last 10 years of Calum’s life and leave behind a legacy – both practical and poetic – carved into the landscape he loved.

Based on Roger Hutchinson’’s book of the same name, playwright David Harrower offers audiences the richly detailed and unhurried description of a dying way of life in Northern Raasay.

Presented by the National Theatre of Scotland in co-production with Communicado Theatre Company.

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