Blabbermouth is a 12-hour live celebration of Scottish music and spoken word where invited artists, actors, politicians, journalists, sportspeople, singers and scientists will perform their favourite bit of Scottish writing. That could be a poem, lyric, polemic, gag, letter or sports commentary. The only proviso they’ve been given is that whatever they choose must have been written by a Scot.

From correspondence between Queens in the early 1600s, to lyrics by contemporary Scotland’s leading songwriters, Blabbermouth will provide a colourful and wide ranging exploration of Scotland’s legacy through a day of readings and live music performances. The event will be divided into four, two and half hour sessions and every session will feature live music.

This is much more than just a gig though. Blabbermouth is a unique chance to celebrate Scotland’s contribution to the world in the final hours before the referendum. A moment to remember that, whatever the Country should choose the following day, as a nation we have proven our ability to flourish and lead the world.

Age guidance: 14+

Running Time:

Not available.