Art-Technology Collider

We’re living in astonishing times. Technological advances are changing the very essence of what it is to be human. Democracy, identity, and social, political and economic hierarchies are being rearranged. There is great hope in all of this and the opportunities are massive, but we must also acknowledge the fears, dangers and uncertainties of the coming years and decades.

Now is the time for art to influence and change the world.

Over the course of two days, forty of Scotland and Europe’s leading theatre-makers, creative technologists and future thinkers will take part in intensive collider workshops – exploring how theatre and technology can address questions surrounding Artificial Intelligence ethics, Transhumanism, technology, the environment, and the political, moral and social impacts of disruptive tech.

Join us at the Vision Building, Dundee’s creative tech hub, to see how theatre-makers and creative technologists have responded to these big emerging questions.

This event is free but ticketed and are scheduled to run –

  • 4:30pm:Registration
  • 5:00pm:Event opens: Introductions – Lizzie Hodgson, William Galinsky and Jackie Wylie
  • 5:10pm:Collider groups present their ideas as talks/presentations.
  • 6:10pm-6.40pm:Q&A panel session/audience debate exploring the issues covered in the talks.
  • 6:40pm-6:45pm:Wrap up/ends

National Theatre of Scotland, Galinskyworks and ThinkNation

Running Time:

135 minutes

Recommended Age Guide:


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