Absolutely, Awesome, Affirmative


What is happening, is really happening.

Step into a world of constant self-refinement. Two performers engage in a continuous verbal scuffle, bringing streams of empty promises into a gradually saturated space. Filled with voices and bodies, everything slowly crumbles into a non-place, stripped of meaning, of truth.

Absolutely, Awesome, Affirmative is a radical new project from Nic Green, exploring how we believe – in fact, in nature, in truth, and in ourselves – and how that belief can be targeted, twisted, and shaped into whatever we want it to be. Part TED talk, part shopping channel special, part showbiz hypnotism, the stage becomes a post-truth world of opulent theatricality, visual flair, and driving soundscapes.

In a world drowning in a flow of news, expert opinions, and more-or-less believable facts, is there any real meaning left? Or does everything stand completely void, lone symbols of the things they once signified?



Created by Nic Green.

A National Theatre of Scotland production at Take Me Somewhere.

Accessible performances available:

  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • Autism Friendly

  • BSL British Sign Language Performance

  • Captioned

  • Audio Described

Recommended Age Guide:

16+ (contains nudity)


Creative team

The National Theatre Of Scotland reserves the right to alter casts, performances, seating or ticket arrangements.