A Doll's House

The Vaughans are all set to enjoy their new life together in their new home. Thomas has been promoted to a senior position in the Cabinet and Nora is delighted. At last, they can put their troubles behind them.

However, all too soon their delicate happiness is shattered by the arrival of an uninvited visitor. As the lies that Nora has told, and the risks that she has taken to protect her husband are exposed, they are forced to question just how perfect their marriage really is. Now, it seems, only a miracle will set them free.

Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House caused outrage both in its style and content when first staged in 1879. Zinnie Harris has transposed her version from late 19th-century Norway to Edwardian London and shifted the tale of intrigue, fraud and betrayal from the world of finance to that of politics. Her story has strong contemporary resonances, revealing a world where duty, power and hypocrisy rule.

In co-production with the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

Running Time:

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