A man in a suit dancing

Non Optimum

Ian Johnston, Scotland’s leading learning-disabled dancer, is looking to find some hardcore rockers and ravers to join him in a weekly anti-club online meet called 'Non-Optimum'. If, like Ian, your entire structure, life, usual services and care experience has turned upside down then this is for you.

Are you missing having your usual community around you? Do you like a good conversation and a blast on the dance floor?

Then get in touch if this resonates, Ian and his collaborator Lucy Gaizely are waiting to hear from you


About the project

Lucy Gaizely/21Common will explore contemporary care in Scotland working with over the over 70’s and individuals with learning disabilities that have been directly affected by the pandemic.

She will work with elders to examine the life-altering impact of the last few months, and through conversational workshops with residents of care homes and individuals who live at home but experience a care service, will aim to create 'living Dioramas' that capture what it is like to be that individual at this time.